Vol. 5 Num 479 Fri. September 30, 2005  

Outsiders have turned TTC into a den of criminal activities

Outsiders in connivance with some self-claimed leaders of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD), student wing of the ruling BNP, have turned the Teachers' Training College (TTC) in the capital into a den of criminal activities.

They are grabbing huge amount of money from the admission- seekers promising them admission to the college and accommodation in the college dormitory.

The gang makes arrangement for admission forcing the authorities if any admission-seekers pay them from Tk 5,000 to Tk 6,000 and

provides accommodation to those who also pay the similar amount.

"We are compelled to pay for getting seat in the dormitory which does not have adequate seats," said a 2nd year student of B Ed honours who paid Tk 5,500 for a seat.

Sources said the goons have kept around a dozen of rooms in the dormitory in their occupation over the years and often take liquors and drugs there.

The teachers do not dare to protest their activities as they attack the teachers, ransack their offices and disturb the teachers' families throwing stones inside their houses.

The criminals also hurl abusive words and issue threats to hall supervisors when they try to allocate seats among the students, sources added.

The gang led by Ashraful Haq Chanchal, Osman Gani Rabin, Sharif, Rana, Sabuj and Uzzal went unruly after the authorities allocated seats where they are residing on July 11.

They attacked the offices of teachers and supervisors ransacking windowpanes, doors and furniture.

They also hurled abusive words to four teachers in the presence of the principal, said the teachers and students.

The situation has further deteriorated after the introduction of B Ed honours course in the college. Formerly, only teachers were allowed for admission, but now the general students can also apply for admission.

"The situation has now changed and we cannot allocate seats among the students. This group had created pressure on us not to allocate seats when we were taking interview of general students for distribution of seats on July 11," one of the hostel supers told The Daily Star when this correspondent asked him about the incident.

Principal Meherunessa admitted that some students violated the rule and broke the glass of two rooms on July 11.

Police were called in to bring the situation under control but none was arrested, she said.

"I filed a general diary (GD) with Nilkhet Police Station in this connection on July 14, " Meherunessa added.

She said a raid was conducted in the hostel a few months ago and police seized some bottles of phensidyle from several rooms.

"TT College was free from any sorts of political activities, but a group of students under the banner of JCD are now chanting slogans and bringing out procession on the campus regularly after the assumption of power by the BNP-led four-party alliance," said one of the teachers on condition of anonymity.

When contacted, JCD General Secretary Shafiul Bari Babu said they have no committee or unit at the college.

"Those who are carrying out criminal activities there cannot have any link to the JCD," Babu told The Daily Star.

Some students alleged that members the group are having meals in dormitory canteen without paying any bill.

Canteen owner alleged that the cadres are not paying him an amount of Tk 30,000 as meal charge in arrears.

The college started with one-year BEd training course for Monthly Pay Order (MPO)-listed teachers, but recently it has introduced BEd honours course for four years and one-year Masters of Education (MEd) course.

The total number of students is 1800 and every year 548 students get new admission.

The college has two residential hostels, one for male students and another for female students.