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Bangladesh and UNO
17 September, 2005 is the 35th anniversary of Bangladesh being given the membership of the United Nations Organisation as the 136th member country.
Biman strike
My grandfather passed away on Monday and my uncle left for Dhaka from the United States with his family to attend his funeral. Due to the Biman strike he was stranded in Dubai for an extra 24 hours.
In the article "Tourism", placed September 7th, Sujan Ghosh expresses a few widely accepted, though false statements.
'Mollah Barir Bouí
Our cinema is going from bad to worse day by day . "Molla Barir Bou" is a good movie that will help change the impression about our films.
Dr. Ahmed's revelation
I enjoy reading Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed's column "Letter from America." Dr. Ahmed never forgets to mention that he is from Princeton; the idea is probably to impress the readers with his Ivy League connection.
Inclement Nature
The hurricane Katrina in New Orleans has shown us how small we are to Nature's power. From day one I am watching the warning. Water, wind, fire, --Nature has shown all its might in one instance.
Independence of Judiciary
I read the article "The mystery of the letter to Dr. Rice" by Dr. Fakruddin Ahmed.
Negative approach
The government's negative approach to the Tuesday Group's meet on poll practices has puzzled us immensely.
Savage amusement!
We have been watching lots of sports through the cable channels. We love to watch live cricket, football, lawn tennis, golf and some other games and sports.
Fifteen years of democracy
Our forefathers fought for liberation because they wanted us to live in a free and democratic country. In reality, the democracy remained elusive for a long period. Finally, it triumphed in 1990.
Seats in halls
Being a student of the country's premier university, I am not at all satisfied due to the absence of adequate facilities at the university.
To run a human society law is essential. That is why we see no civilised country running without law. It is needless to say, as a civilised country we have laws in every sector.
Political double standard and terrorism
I applaud your newspaper for the ample coverage you gave to the story regarding the opinions of the prominent Asian Islamic scholars. Needless to say that I completely agree with them.
Is it nationalism?
Some days ago in a dinner party with the Bangladesh cricket team in Sri Lanka, our state minister for sports quoted from a speech given by Field Marshall Ayub Khan (during the 1965 Indo-Pak war) to
A unique protest
I am writing to commend the CPB on their imaginative and worthy protest against government neglect that has let the local roads become a sea of mud.
A rational voice
I congratulate Athar Ali, the commentator and ex-cricketer for his courageous role in the commentary and discussion sessions.
Recognise them
I would like to draw your attention to the letter titled "Indian TV shows " (DS 9/9/05). The writer pointed out some limitations of Bangladeshi TV channels. Actually the main drawback is "our mentality".
Abolition of death penalty
Bertrand Russell, the philosopher, said in his book "Power" that the clear difference between the human being and the animal is instinctive rationality, by which the former creates dominion over the whole

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