Vol. 5 Num 479 Fri. September 30, 2005  
Letters to Editor


In the article "Tourism", placed September 7th, Sujan Ghosh expresses a few widely accepted, though false statements. I am a tourist from Holland, I have travelled 25 countries and this is my second visit to Bangladesh.

Tourists aren't cattle, which you can lead over every road you want as long as it is nicely paved. The modern tourist is spoiled and knows what he wants. The modern tourist has a lot of demands and wants the whole package. A lot of countries make the same mistake as Sujan Ghosh and wonder why the tourists aren't coming. To make your tourist policy work you have to, before all, do research to what visitors want. Bangladesh has the longest sea-beach. That's nice but who cares? The question should be:"Why do tourists visit the beach and can we offer the same or better?" "Why do tourists take a 15-day trip through India and not through Bangladesh?"

I'll give you a few hints:
1) India can be reached by direct flight from most European countries, Bangladesh can't.
2) India promotes itself through media and stands, Bangladesh doesn't.
3) Travel agencies have trips to India in their shop window, not to Bangladesh.

Conclusion: Do research prior to investment and save yourself a lot of money.