Vol. 5 Num 479 Fri. September 30, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Independence of Judiciary

I read the article "The mystery of the letter to Dr. Rice" by Dr. Fakruddin Ahmed.

In relation to a comment 'the lower courts (in Bangladesh) are under the authority of the executive and they lack independence" by US legislators he wrote, "the degree of political independence of the judiciary varies from country to country." He went on reiterating "and it is fascinating that the US legislators would take such keen interest in the working of Bangladesh's lower courts!" He drew an example, "let us recall that in 2000, it was not the American voters, but the US Supreme Court which in a 5 to 4 decision installed George W. Bush as the President of the United States."

In his cheerfulness to oppose the US legislators he became rather supportive of the existing curtailed independence of the judiciary in Bangladesh and skipped the need for and importance of the independent judiciary. To fill the lacuna the well known columnist might write one sentence more asking our honourable law minister why the process always goes awry.

If the judiciary is not free it won't be able to give verdicts against the government and protect the fundamental rights of people.