Vol. 5 Num 491 Wed. October 12, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Far from gratitude

A few years ago we, the viewers of Bangladesh Television, were familiar with the song 'Ek Sagore Rakter Binimoye Banglar Shadinata Anlo Jara Amra Tomader Bhulbona…' (which was sung for the heroes of our liberation war) at the time of the news bulletin of 8.00pm every night. This is one of the most famous songs recalling our beloved sons who sacrificed their lives in the war of liberation. But the song is no longer heard. This is how we, especially the coalition govt, are commemorating our national heroes!

The present coalition government appears to be very friendly to the betrayers and the collaborators of Pakistani forces.

Some of them still firmly believe that Pakistan is the destination of our nation. They support Pakistan when Bangladesh and Pakistan play cricket with each other! They are dreaming of capturing state power in Bangladesh within a few years! These are issues that the nation should be aware of in our greater interest.