Vol. 5 Num 494 Sat. October 15, 2005  

Mostofa Sarwar Farooki
On his directorial approach and future plans

Mostofa Sarwar Farooki is a busy director of TV serials. His unique tele-films, drama serials and single episode TV plays have won him wide appreciation. The versatile Farooki also directs full-length films. After his first film, Bachelor, he has completed his second feature film Mad_e in Bangladesh, which will be released during Eid.

On his latest venture Farooki says, "Mad_e in Bangladesh is more varied than Bachelor. Through the story of a deranged person I have presented the contemporary social milieu of Bangladesh. The film features incidents that can occur only in Bangladesh. That is why the title of the movie is Mad_e in Bangladesh, not Made in Bangladesh. As the movie is full of frenzy and chaos, I have abjured from using any background music to give the film a realistic flavour. Earlier, popular filmmakers like Braso and others have made similar experimental films without any background music.

"Cinema is not a stylish medium like theatre. For a movie that reflects reality, the presentation must be natural. As my cinematic venture Mad_e in Bangladesh, represents a realistic picture of our society, the cinematography, actions and dialogue delivery of the artistes are very natural. The presentation of the movie is not exaggerated like most of the mainstream films."

When it comes to TV plays, Farooki has a distinctive directorial approach. To quote him, "I don't think that the artistes should memorise verbatim from a script. I prefer to see performances with natural acting. I brief the artistes about the sequence and they perform in their own way after assessing the character.

"I don't claim that I have introduced this directorial technique. Earlier I didn't even know that many of the directors do similar experiments in other countries. I used this technique first in a popular TV play made by me, titled Kanamachhi. During the shooting the artistes failed to deliver the dialogues as per the script. Then I told them to deliver the dialogues in a way they would have spoken in real life. I did not have to cut any sequence and the artistes proceeded with their improvisation. Further, in the course of editing the play, I got outstanding out put. From then onwards, I believe the script of the play is a kind of 'shape' or 'structure' but the artistes should deliver the improvised dialogues for natural performance on the screen", adds Farooki.

Once his ongoing TV serial 69 ends, Farooki is reluctant to direct any TV serial at least for a year. During this period, he plans to make commercials, cinema and single episode TV plays. Farooki says, "I hate making drama serials. To me, making mega-serials is a pretty monotonous job. But, I do it as it is my profession. Besides, this profession is bread and butter to a team of 12 people who work with me. My plan is to direct three films a year and make commercials. Besides that, Id like to make more single episode TV plays."