Vol. 5 Num 522 Tue. November 15, 2005  
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Moudud, Babar manhandled

Law Minister Moudud Ahmed and State Minister for Home Lutfozzaman Babar were manhandled by agitated family members, relatives and others when they visited the city residence of in-laws of one of the two judges killed in a bomb attack in Jhalakathi yesterday.

Witnesses said an agitated man pulled Moudud by the collar while a relative of slain senior assistant judge Jagannath Pandey attempted to hit Babar with his waist belt for their 'failure' to maintain law and order.

Inspector General of Police Abdul Quayum, Director General of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) MA Aziz Sarkar and several lawmakers from the region, who accompanied the ministers, were also manhandled, witnesses said.

The two ministers, lawmakers and police and Rab officials left the place as the situation went beyond control.

Wife of the slain judge, Reeta Pandey, her father Mukul Mukherjee, and other members of the bereaved family got furious when the two ministers visited their house in Kashipur Fisheries area of the city at about 1:45pm.

As the ministers expressed sympathy for them, they became more furious and at one stage started dragging the ministers and MPs.

Barisal City Mayor Mujibor Rahman Sarwar and lawmaker Moazzem Hossain Alal tried to calm them down but failed.

Lawmkers Zahiruddin Swapan and Illen Bhutto were also present.