Vol. 5 Num 522 Tue. November 15, 2005  

The quintessential girl-next-door

Srabonti Dutta AKA Tinni is a known face to the TV audience, thanks to her role as the protagonist Dipa in Mostafa Sarwar Farooki's mega-serial 69. The outspoken, short-tempered and passionate Dipa doesn't hesitate to slap a few men around when she feels it's necessary. As an actor, her spontaneity, facial expressions and non-method acting have already fetched her a fan following among the young generation. In fact, she is so convincing in her role in 69, that she is also known as the "lady-cadre from 69". She's the quintessential girl-next-door, with a flair of course.

Although, Tinni is concentrating more on her acting now, she embarked on her career as a ramp model. Says Tinni, "I participated in the 'Lux Anondodhara Photogenic 2002' pageant and I was fifth runner up. I also won the title, 'Sunsilk Miss Beautiful Hair', in that pageant. After that I began getting offers to model. I was always interested in modelling and hence I started ramp-modelling."

Subsequently, she also did some TV commercials (TVC). Among them the TVCs for Sunsilk and Aktel have become popular. She is also the model for designer stores Banglar Mela and Ecstasy.

Was stepping into the world of acting just a fluke or did she always want to be an actor? According to Tinni, "The acting bug was always there; I've always been keen on acting on a subliminal level. When I was a student of RK Mission School in Kolkata, I played the role of Ashalata. However, it's Emdad Bhai (Emdad Haque, director of Banglar Mela), my mentor, who convinced me to take acting seriously. It was May, 2004: apparently, Farooki was looking for new actors for his upcoming TV serial, 69. Emdad Bhai asked me to contact Farooki and I did. However, at that point, I wasn't at all sure that I would be cast in 69. I was literally shocked when the cast was announced and I learnt that I was to play Dipa in the serial."

Does she relate to the character? Tinni says, "Somewhat. Dipa is tomboyish, cultural, and very passionate. That pretty much sums up my personality. However, Dipa can be physically aggressive and she's also an extrovert. I don't have those attributes in my personality."

What would her dream role be? A chortling Tinni says, "At the risk of sounding 'shallow', I just love 'period-drama'; basically any play or movie that has fancy costumes involved. My dream role would be any of the aristocratic housewives from Tagore's plays. The costumes and ornaments used by the characters are exquisite."

A less known facet of Tinni is her training in classical dance and singing. Tinni says, "I trained in Kathak and also took music lessons. However, I realised, I could not concentrate of dancing, singing, modelling and acting simultaneously. So, I'm focusing on my acting and modelling now. Who knows, maybe some day I'll decide to resume singing and dancing."

Among Tinni's upcoming projects, is Farooki's feature film Made in Bangladesh. About her role in the movie, Tinni says, "The character is of a small-town girl who always keeps to herself. She can never express how she really feels about something or someone. I'm sure a lot of girls would relate to the character."

"I have also been working in some TV serials that'll be aired soon. Among these are: Labannyo Probha and Romizer Aaina for ntv and Shunnye Boshobash for Channel i," concludes Tinni.