Vol. 5 Num 531 Thu. November 24, 2005  
Letters to Editor

'Tok Jhaal Mishti' a pure entertainment

On the occasion of Eid, young and talented film director Debasish Bishwas released a highly entertaining movie 'Tok Jhaal Mishti.' This was his second film. His previous film was also a successful one. This time around the expectations was much high and I must say Debashish lived up to the expectations.

To change the present scenario of Bangla film, films like 'Tok Jhaal Mishti','Meher Niger', 'Mollahbarir Bou' can do a world of good. Indeed the filmmakers and producers of such types of films are doing a commendable job. Because once creative films had to fight with the vulgar films but now this crisis is slowly but surely being overcome. The day is not far away when good and quality films will survive and vulgar filmmaking would stop once for all. But for that to happen, we, the viewers, and the quality film makers have to take a firm move against vulgar films.

Once again I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Debashish for making our Eid so special with his 100 percent entertaining movie. You should keep it up for the sake of our struggling film industry.