Vol. 5 Num 549 Mon. December 12, 2005  

5 JMB suspects arrested in Satkhira, Narail

Three JMB suspects have been arrested yesterday and the night before, two of them in Bhomra land port and the other in Khulna.

Our Satkhira Correspondent reports:

Police yesterday arrested two suspected members of JMB (Jama'atul Mujahidin, Bangladesh) while they were fleeing to India through Bhomra land port by using fake passports and visas.

They are mamun, 26, of Madhabpur village in Enayetpur upazila in Sirajgonj district and Elias, 30, of South Dhopapara in Narayangonj Sadar upazila.

Police said, their fake passports and visas were detected when Bhomra immigration officials checked those on suspicion. They were handed over to police, who are interrogating them.

On contact, Satkhira Sadar thana Officer-in-Charge (OC) Shahjahan confirmed the incident and said the arrested persons may members of JMB. They were fleeing the country to avoid arrest, he said. A case was filed.

Our Staff Correspondent reports from Khulna

Police arrested Mohammed Nawsher Shaikh, 65, Saturday night from a house in Bashvita village under Narail Sadar upazila. The arrestee is a JMB cadre, police claimed. Nawsher hails from Araji Selimpur village in Bagharpara upazila in Jessore district, police said.

Nawsher Shaikh was staying in the house of one Mongol Malakar in the guise of a Hindu priest since Friday night.

When suspected, police being tipped off raided the house and arrested him.

He is being interrogated by police, said OC Ishaque of Narail Sadar thana.

In another incident, police arrested two JMB suspects from Bagerhat town on Saturday night. They are Mamun Sarder and his father Ashraf Sarder.

Ashraf Sarder is organising secretary of Bagerhat district unit of Ahle Hadith Andolan while his son Mamun is a leader of its youth front, police said.

Police said they got concrete information that the two were involved in militancy, particularly giving training to recruits on how to detonate bombs.

JMB suspects Mamun and Elias arrested at Bhomra land port yesterday.. PHOTO: STAR