Vol. 5 Num 549 Mon. December 12, 2005  
Letters to Editor


The country is going through a crisis. The atrocities committed by so-called JMB or other activists have created a panicky situation and media has also been partly responsible for trivialising the issue without making any investigation into the origin of the problem. The acts of terror cannot be condoned, nor can people support such acts that affect the otherwise peace-loving people of Bangladesh. There is just no room to justify these activities no matter who is behind these or what motivates the people to commit these subversive acts. One must understand the country is not under occupation, nor the freedom of exercising religious beliefs particularly that of Muslims who happen to make 90 percent of the population is under threat and as such there is no room for any insurgency or Jihad. It is, furthermore, against the ideals of Islam when acts of violence are committed that kills innocent people and jeopardises a peaceful society.

The name JMB is drummed up as if all the people who wear a beard, a topi and practise Islam are the culprits, though a Muslim is the last person to harm another person or a society or a nation unless, of course, his own freedom is threatened. So, theoretically, it is not conceivable that the Muslims of Bangladesh will commit such acts of terrorism as it ultimately threatens our own sovereignty - the last thing that we will want to see happen for the most obvious reason. It cannot be denied that some topiwalas are being apprehended by the law enforcement agencies but it is also ascertained that these people were used by vested quarters both domestic and foreign to create a situation to prove this country a "failed state".

As for myself, I could not take my car out to take my sick child to hospital and had to be content with a slow moving rickshaw van for days and even then I had to be watchful for homemade bombs.

I am not a conspiracy theorist but have an inquiring mind unlike many who tend to believe everything they read or see in the media. We must ask ourselves whether we are really capable to undertake such a fine and sophisticated task of detonating countrywide 500 bombs in complete secrecy by the clock, whether the people the media accuse of perpetrating the violence i.e. topiwalas are genuinely capable of military planning and have the resources and access to such explosives and materials. The obvious question that comes to our mind is who is training them, arming them, controlling them, planning the sequence of events in sophisticated military style i.e. compartmentalisation of intelligence and providing all logistic support to carry out the acts of terrorism. General people have no access to such materials and resources and so, who is it - the big question that occupies our mind.

The present government has failed the nation on many fronts, pervasive corruption, gross incompetence and utter inefficiency of both political and administrative leadership have hampered progress like never before but the opposition has failed to take up the issues to gear themselves up for forming the next government. It is thus rumoured that all these acts of terror are aimed at creating issues at the expense of the our stability, progress and nationhood.

We do not seem to learn from global events nor do we intend to improve our capacity to understand our nationhood. Most people get carried away by the media hype as if the bombings have destroyed the country. Today no nation is immune from terrorist acts.

We are going through a testing time and we must stand united and together in this hour of crisis. It is not the time to squabble or raise the petty party politics above national interest. There is this great responsibility that rests with the judiciary and the law officers not to be intimidated. They must not choose to abandon the course of justice in spite of threats or intimidation as they must keep in mind that this is not the first blood that the nation has bled, remember the course of our history through out the ages and the struggle in 1971. So, we all stand together in it and our resolve to maintain our independence and sovereignty must not give way to any threat or intimidation, no matter how powerful the vested quarters are. Otherwise, we as a nation shall perish.