Vol. 5 Num 549 Mon. December 12, 2005  
Letters to Editor


Congratulations! In your editorial of December 4,2005 you have once again voiced the sentiments of the citizens under the prevailing environment of insecurity. Yes, the citizens would earnestly implore that the Leaders of the Political Parties, all together have an "OPEN DIALOGUE" in public but without the participation of their respective party members. It must be on a "ONE" to "ONE" basis. The Leaders may consult with their Party Members prior to coming for the "Dialogue" and the party members can be present but this time together with the public and watch the deliberations. The Jamaat-e-Islami should also be included for they have categorically denied any involvement with the on-going violence and this would be an ideal situation to prove whether they are innocent. The steps that would be suggested by all the Leaders to eradicate Terrorism and restore National Security will have to be carried out by the Law Enforcing Agencies under the direct supervision of these Leaders themselves and without assistance or interference from the party workers. This is the only way to restore Normalcy in the country and hopefully the media, the different trade organisations, the intellectuals , the professional and legal groups and our valiant freedom fighters, will support the idea and work out a strategy to ensure the Dialogue.

The Leaders of all Political Parties are committed to upholding the democratic rights of the people of Bangladesh. They should not fail to keep this commitment by refusing to sit for such an important national issue.