Vol. 5 Num 557 Tue. December 20, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Plot allotment

In order to solve the residential problem of Chittagong city, the Chittagong Development Authority invited applications in 2001 for allotment of plots in the southern part of Chittagong. They named the project as "Kalpalok". For this purpose they received many applications and crores of taka through pay order from the applicants. About four years have already gone by, but the plots have not yet been handed over to the eligible applicants. We have come to know from a reliable source that a list of the eligible applicants was sent to the ministry concerned for approval by the allotment committee about two months back. But the ministry postponed the allotment for unknown reasons. Now the applicants are passing their days in anxiety.

In the circumstances, I would request the ministry concerned to settle the matter without further delay.