Vol. 5 Num 558 Wed. December 21, 2005  
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Two robbers lynched in Munshiganj

Two robbers were lynched and two others arrested at Tongipara, Noadda in Munshiganj, yesterday.

The dead robbers were identified as Kalu Miah, 35 and Suman, 30.

Witnesses said, a mob intercepted a Nissan Jeep carrying the robbers at the Hasara Chaltatola on Dhaka-Maoa Highway at 6:00am and held two of them while the other two managed to flee. They then confined them in a primary school and informed the police.

A five-member police team reached the spot but failed to rescue the robbers from the angry mob, who lynched them.

Later, a larger team of police went to the spot and recovered the body of the two robbers.

OC of Sirajdikhan police station said the robbers planned to break into the house of Subal Haji.

Police later managed to arrest the other two robbers who escaped earlier.