Vol. 5 Num 558 Wed. December 21, 2005  

BDR guns down drug-trafficker in Dinajpur

A drug trafficker was killed early yesterday as Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) opened fire at the Hilli land port in Dinajpur.

BDR sources said that, 25-30 bordering drug traffickers were entering Bangladesh from the Indian territory at Atapara BOP near pillar no 284/9 under North Gopalpur village of Hilli land port with Indian goods including Phensidyle bottles.

As the onduty BDR forces challenged them, the traffickers attacked them with sharp weapons. They also snatched away and damaged two rifles of the BDR.

As the situation went out of control, BDR fired at least three rounds of shots killing Rana, 28, of Churipara village of Hakimpur upazila on the spot and injuring another according to BDR sources. The injured remained unidentified as he managed to flee with his cohorts after the incident.

BDR found 20 bottles of Phensidyle with Rana. They also recovered two sacks containing 372 bottles of Phensidyle and large numbers of Indian goods.

Panic and tension are prevailing in the bordering villages after the incident as frequent killings by BDR continues.

At least four people were killed and five people injured in the last six days as patrolling BDR teams opened fire in the Hilli land port area. A huge amount of Indian goods and about 1,000 bottles of Phensidyle have also been recovered.