Vol. 5 Num 558 Wed. December 21, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Bill Gates

We all have seen the picture, Bill Gates smiling with the backdrop of mildew infected wall in the house of a Bangladeshi woman of very modest means. If we look closely we will see that there was no pretension in that smile. It was the smile of contentment, which stemmed from this wonderful satisfaction of giving to others selflessly.

Bill gates is not unique in this regard in America but this giving away of money by the super rich people is a uniquely American thing. One of the richest people in America was reported to have said that 'dying rich is a disgrace'. Rich people in other countries of the world usually do not do that.

This is the one practice of the Americans we can and should learn to copy and not feel guilty about it. No camera will follow us and it will not make any headline in the newspaper but we will be able to smile like Bill Gates. We can go to a far away corner of Bangladesh and take pictures with many others who will be happy to smile with us for as little as food for couple of days or means of education for a year or so.

Those of us who are already doing this, keep smiling, you are already Bill Gates, just nobody knows about it.