Vol. 5 Num 558 Wed. December 21, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Question leakage of 27th BCS

The present government did the right thing by cracking down on copying in public examinations. It's not evident to me how this menace got entrenched in our education system . But what I learnt from my superiors is that copying in exam was unthinkable during British and Pak regime in our country and the practice ushered in soon after the independence. A spate of pass- percentage was registered in the SSC exams in 1972 amid jubilation of liberty under the loose machinery of the then nascent govt. Since then copying in exam has been a normal phenomenon. The government certainly deserves credit for eliminating it to a great extent. But what's on the flip side? We see a new menace looming large in holding of the BCS exams where leakage of the questions is alarmingly on the rise. Like the previous years, it's another blow to all the scrupulous examinees who appeared in the 27th BCS preliminary test, held recently.

The government should handle the matter efficiently to save the bureaucracy from what looks like certain ruination.