Vol. 5 Num 558 Wed. December 21, 2005  
Letters to Editor

BTV autonomy

Recently BBC Bangla London broadcast a lively, lucid and informative programme on corruption in Bangladesh. Those who have listened the programme enjoyed and liked it.

We wonder why such programme is not arranged and broadcast, telecast by our radio Bangladesh Betar or BTV?

Is it because our radio and television are not free from control of our government?

In this connection we would also like to mention here that we are surprised and shocked that when the BNP is in power our radio and television hardly broadcast/ telecast any news or programme on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and when Awami League is in power our radio and television hardly broadcast/telecast any news or programme on Shahid Ziaur Rahman.

We demand of our government no matter whether BNP or Awami League or any other party is in power to grant autonomy to our radio and television in the interest of public service, accountability and transparency of our government.