Vol. 5 Num 558 Wed. December 21, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Local community radio

Some good news in the DS of Dec 6: local community radio broadcasting stations are being set up across Bangladesh by a group of NGOs, supported by GoB and UN agencies.

I recall that in the 1960s, the then government of East Pakistan (Secretariat at the Eden Buildings in Dhaka) initiated and operated a community listening radio scheme (CLRS) through distribution of about 10,000 newly developed transistor radios in the community centres and coastal and rural areas.

These local radio transmitting stations should have come 10-15 years earlier. In the 1960s, in Japan, the national radio broadcasts were relayed on the T&T line telephone during the line-idle period. The farmers in the fields could listen to the broadcasts through loudspeaker system installed on poles around the fields. Now fixed wireless telephone system has been introduced in Bangladesh. Hence listening to radio is no longer a problem in the remote areas (without electricity), as cheap solar panels are available for village homes.

It is interesting to see that Bill Gates of Microsoft is taking interest in Bangladesh.