Vol. 5 Num 558 Wed. December 21, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Bird flu, a red alert

Bird flu is now considered the great menace rocking the thoughts of health conscious people from Europe to Asia. The disease has already manifested itself even in some European countries. As a country of South Asia, Bangladesh is also not free from this danger. It stands as a vulnerable country because of its location on the major route of the migratory birds, which are most likely the carrier of Avian flu virus. Though the government has already taken some precaution against this disease and put a ban on the import of chick and pet birds from some specified countries, but these initiatives are not enough. The people of Bangladesh are still in the dark about the symptoms of this disease. Moreover, some shops in Katabon are selling pet birds imported from different foreign countries, which could be the carrier of Bird flu virus. Therefore, The health ministry should pay heed to these shops by sending inspectors to examine whether there is any infected bird or not. Beside this, the media can play a role in this regard. It should launch an extensive media campaign towards building public awareness regarding the deadly virus and its symptoms and effects.

We humbly request the government to pay due importance and priority to this issue; otherwise the disease may sneak into the country and become fatal to both birds and human beings.