Vol. 5 Num 558 Wed. December 21, 2005  

Bangladesh Short Film Forum launches 9 day film festival
160 films from 27 participating countries to be screened
The Bangladesh Short Film Forum (BSFF) has arranged a nine-day international short and independent film festival, which will run from December 22-30, says a press release.

All together 160 films from 27 participating countries, including Bangladesh, will be screened at the festival. Thirty two short and independent films made by Bangladeshi makers will be screened. Other participating countries are Germany, Netherlands, France, USA, England, Russia, India, Iran, Pakistan, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Sweden, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Austria and Mexico. The title of the festival is 'Independent movie independent expression'.

The main venue of the festival is Central Public Library Auditorium. The other three venues for the festival are National Museum Auditorium, Shishu Academy Auditorium and Goethe Institut Auditorium. Filmmakers and critics from abroad are expected to participate in the festival.

Besides screening films, discussions and seminars are included in the festival. Moreover, Taka 25,000 will be awarded for the best short film and independent film.

A still from Ballroom Dancing (Hungary)