Vol. 5 Num 564 Tue. December 27, 2005  

Amader Ananda Bari
A new mega serial depicts a family saga

TV mega serials have a huge fan following. A recent such serial is Amader Ananda Bari, which ntv airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Popular actress Lucky Enam directs the mega serial based on a novel -- Greehobashi Galpo -- by Dr Enamul Haque.

Explaining the genesis of the serial, Enam said, "It was my long cherished desire to make a mega serial based on the novel written by Dr Enamul Haque. Hridy Haque has dramatised the novel."

Popular actors such as Sharmili Ahmed, Dr Enamul Haque, Tarana Halim, Jayanto Chattopadhay, Ahmed Reza Rubel, Hreedy Haque, Litu Anam and others are the major cast members of Amader Ananda Bari, a 104-episode serial.

Most current mega serials are single family oriented. Enam's serial is not an exception to the current trend. Amplifying on the story line of Amader Ananda Bari, Lucky said, "The serial centres around the story of a big family -- parents and children. By scripting the story of their happiness, problems, wrath and crises, we have tried to give an overview of the family structure in a metro."

"The curtains go up with the depiction of a family crisis: the youngest son of the family has married a divorced woman with a child. Later on we will show other problems created by the children in a big family as well as the means to solve the crises. The serial will not only reveal problems but also will touch on the joys of a large family. Moreover, the serial will also feature the lifestyle of the younger generation," added Lucky.

Lucky Enam is upbeat about the mega serial. As she said, "Earlier I had made two drama serials. This is my first mega serial and I am excited about the challenge. A definite plus is the support from technical hands and actors, which has helped me immensely to overcome hurdles."

Tarana Halim (fourth from left) with co-actors