Vol. 5 Num 568 Sat. December 31, 2005  
Letters to Editor


I read about the stampede that happened in one of the garments factory where 50 were injured, 2 critically.

It's really very sad that the workers are not given proper training in the factories. Actually their life has been put at risk! It's very usual that if a thousand run towards the same gate, stampede would occur.

Not just the workers suffer due to such accidents but also the "work". Why not do something for benefit of both and to avoid such accidents in future? A proper training should be given to the workers how to escape when something harmful happens inside the factory. There should be different fire exit doors so that through each door, a fixed number of workers can leave. That the crowd gets divided and goes out easily.

And to make the workers understand and act fast, training should be given by triggering false alarm sometimes, at least once in a month. So that they act promptly when actually any fire breaks out.