Vol. 5 Num 568 Sat. December 31, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Militancy problem

Bangladesh is suffering from the deadly problem of militancy over the recent years. After the liberation war, I think, this is the most dangerous problem. Although there were also other national problems like corruption, un-employment, illiteracy, political instability and many other crises. But militancy problem overrides all the above problems and has spread its fang in our country. Anyway Bangladesh is not alone suffering from this problem, it is a global problem indeed.

Why Bangladesh is facing this problem; especially suicide bombers? Some are saying that this is generated from madrashah like institutions. I think not so. Because, we see also JMB cadres are from general education. The induction behind this issue is misinterpretation of religion and allurement of paradise is after world. On the other hand, religion-based politics is also one of the vital causes behind this issue. The so-called religion based political parties are not doing their politics according to Islam. They are exploiting it. Lastly I would like to conclude seeking this, the mainstream political parties like BNP and AL to be more serious and sincere in motivating people.