Vol. 5 Num 568 Sat. December 31, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Why are they here?

Niko's advertisement (Dec 15) is a travesty of fact, if the various reports in the newspapers are to go by. They portray themselves as "one of Canada's best"; but their activities as reported in the press possibly earns them the label as "one of Canada's worst".

They hire, train and provide higher education to Bangladeshis in Canada, because employing this skilled and trained Bangladeshi manpower is much cheaper and more cost effective compared to hiring overseas personnel!

They have a vision and are committed because their vision in reality is to make money, in whatever way possible (even inflating reserve estimates?) so that their profits can swell. There is nothing wrong in making money, but the way Niko goes about it is immoral based on falsehood and palm greasing, as reported.

They dare because they do not care, taking advantage of our topmost ranking in the corruption scale, and which I believe they encourage perhaps? They refuse to give up, making hay while the sun shines. They did not run away, because ordinary people, and to an extent the government have forced them to be here, till their misdeeds contributing to the Tengratilla blowout is identified and indemnified.