Vol. 5 Num 568 Sat. December 31, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Now is Jadav, then was Partha

The reactionary fascists want people to believe that a Hindu extremist, late Jadav Saha, was involved with the Netrakona bombing that killed nine people and injured numerous others. The same reactionary forces put Partha in jail after the August 21st bombing in order to prove that a foreign intelligence agency was trying to destabilise Bangladesh and make the country a failed state.

Expansionist and imperialist forces do indeed try to install puppet governments in order to carry out economic exploitation and militaristic expansion. However it is now clear that the agents of local and foreign reactionary forces who want to enslave the entire population in the name of religion are perpetrating the recent series of bombings.

Tireless efforts by members of the civil society (Dr. Kamal Hossain, Barrister Sultana Kamal, Barrister Sara Hossain, to name a few) buttressed by newspaper (The Daily Star, Janakantha, Jugantor) columns resulted in the release of Partha. In case of late Jadav Saha, the perpetrators of religious reactionary fascism shamelessly went after his dead body in order to mislead people by injecting communal equation in the whole sordid affair. However they failed miserably in their attempts since people in Netrakona in particular and in Bangladesh in general have rejected the stories planted by stooges of the right reactionary fascism. Of course the religious right reactionaries are no different from the reactionaries who want to enslave people in the name of ultra nationalism.

We all hope that progressive forces will be successful in their efforts to stop the authorities concerted from harassing late Jadav's family, and to defeat the reactionary forces and establish true people's democracy.