Vol. 5 Num 572 Wed. January 04, 2006  
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Agora fined Tk 1 lakh by mobile court

A mobile court yesterday fined Agora chain shop Tk 1 lakh for selling date-expired food items, products without BSTI label, and for barring the court from doing its duty.

A total of 18 mobile courts raided 136 places under 28 police stations in the capital and collected Tk 12,98,700 in fines.

The mobile court of Magistrate Keramat Ali imposed the fine on the Agora shopping mall at Moghbazar for preserving date-expired juice and honey, sugar and bakery products without the BSTI label.

The magistrate also ordered the police to arrest three Agora officials as they barred the Bangladesh Television camera crew from entering the shop. The court later released them after they apologised.

The same court then fined the Pran Bakery at Sonalibagh Tk 50,000 and sealed it off for not having the BSTI licence and maintaining unhygienic environment.

The court also charged Alauddin Sweetmeat with a fine of Tk 50,000 for selling bread wrapped in polythene packs instead of food-grade bags.

Another court, led by Magistrate Prasanta Kumar Das, fined La Luna Chinese Restaurant at Naya Paltan Tk 50,000 for unhygienic atmosphere and selling rotten meat.