Vol. 5 Num 574 Fri. January 06, 2006  
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Militant den busted, arms, grenade making materials seized
Two JMB cadres held

Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) last night busted a militants' den at Moinartek in city's Uttara and seized five shotguns and materials that can be used to make a huge number of firearms, bombs and grenades.

The elite anticrime force also arrested two cadres of banned Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB). One believed to be an ehsar[a full-time activist] introduced himself as Habib while the identity of the other one could not be known immediately.

The seized materials that include 24kg of explosives, gunpowder and safety pins can be used for making some 1,200 grenades and 100 grenade-heads, Rab bomb experts said.

The law enforcers also found five shotguns, bullet-making instruments and materials that can be used in making at least 21 shotguns, four pistols, some 100 Islami books, and laboratory equipment.

The den was situated at a house in Courtbari of Moinartek. Three months ago, a youth rented the house, said the owner of the house.

As the youth had not returned to the place for the last couple of weeks, the landlord had recently informed Rab of him.

A team of Rab, who had been keeping an eye on the area, yesterday held Habib when he was about to enter the house at around 8:30pm. They then broke into the 10 feet by 6 feet room and made the recovery.

Shortly afterwards, the Rab members began a manhunt for more militants and netted the other person.