Vol. 5 Num 574 Fri. January 06, 2006  

'Country needs leader like Moni Singh to establish secularism'

Country needs a dedicated leader like Comrade Moni Singh to establish secularism by combating present fanaticism, said the speakers at a memorial meeting yesterday.

The meeting was organised by Moni Sing-Farhad Memorial Trust to mark the 15th death anniversary Comrade Moni Sing in the city.

Paying tributes to the late leader, the speakers said he played significant role during British and Pakistan period in establishing the rights of the toiling masses.

He was the pioneer of labour and farmer movement in the country and led the Tonga movement in Netrakona and Nanka movement in Sylhet, they added.

The speakers said the consensus between Moni Sing and Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the beginning of 1960s on national movement formed the foundation of liberation war and he was one of the members of the advisory committee during the war period.

Gonotantri Party leader Azizul Islam, Gono Forum leader Shamsuddoha, Awami League leader Nurul Islam Nahid and trust secretary Shekhar Dutta spoke at the meeting held with trust member and President of Sammilito Samajik Andolon Ajay Roy in the chair.

The communist leader died on December 31, 1990.