Vol. 5 Num 574 Fri. January 06, 2006  

Eskayef launches drug for prevention of bird flu
Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company, has launched the drug oseltamivir for the first time in the country for the prevention and treatment of bird flu, says a press release.

The brand name of the drug is SK-flu and it is provided in the form of 75mg capsule. The recommended oral dose of SK-flu is 75mg twice daily for five days for treatment and 75mg once daily for 10 days for prevention of bird flu.

Though currently there is no evidence of bird flu virus in Bangladesh, the birds can be easily affected by the virus through migratory birds. If the virus starts spreading inside this densely populated country, with inadequate medical infrastructure and lack of proper preparedness, a large number of virus-infected deaths may occur, the press release warned.

Considering the emerging threat of bird flu worldwide and the scarcity of its treatment, Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd has taken the initiative to produce SK-flu as a safeguard for the people. The drug will be dispensed on doctor's prescription only.