Vol. 5 Num 574 Fri. January 06, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Be all smiles

We are passing through very bad times. We are caught in the vicious cycle of terrorism. We have forgotten to love, to smile. We are always engaged in negative thinking. What is happening? What will happen next? Every day we see dead bodies; bloody scenes in the newspapers but that doesn't leave an impression on our minds as before, because we have learned to live with all these negative and dark sides of life. Rather, we are surprised when we find any good or positive news. Why? Why this changed mindset? Have we forgotten that 'life is beautiful'? Can't we feel life as it really is? Our expectation from the government has been reduced to only assurance of safe life, normal death. Is it called civilisation? We speak about globalisation, modernity, and humanity; but do we realise that as a human being or as a Bangladeshi we have already forgotten to smile innocently?

No, we cannot live in such a situation perpetually. We want peace; we need actual assurance of returning home safely; we badly need the guarantee of normal death.

Let us dream of a new world in the new year where we will smile, breathe fresh air free from the reek of blood, blast and lust. Give us back the lost world of happiness. Our smile will again be innocent.

Photo: shegufta yasmin