Vol. 5 Num 574 Fri. January 06, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Reek of blood and cordite

Bomb blasts are a major problem in Bangladesh. The country, named Bangladesh, has become a heaven for terrorists. Bomb blast is now a daily affair. Even the innocent people of our country are being killed and the judiciary is being attacked by terrorists. The JMB is carrying out these attacks for promoting its own agenda. It is bad news for us that the government and the opposition are not taking any effective steps to stop it. Rather, they are blaming each other, without finding the way of solving the problem. If immediate steps are not taken against the perpetrators, the existence of Bangladesh will be at stake. So, the government and the main opposition party should come forward to save Bangladesh.

If the government is sincere about finding a way out, there is no reason why it cannot attain its goal.

* * *

Suicide bombing or terrorism of JMB is not a simple problem. It has to be uprooted immediately. But how? The opposition Awami League is directly or indirectly saying that Jamaat and BNP have links with JMB. On the other hand, coalition partners BNP and Jamaat are claiming that the AL is spoiling our image abroad. But all these activities don't help us in any way. Actually no party is patriotic enough to assess the situation objectively. That is why we are facing this problem.

I believe the political parties have to change their attitude. They have to reach a consensus on how to remove terrorism from this land.

We see and hear that after being arrested JMB bombers say, "We want to establish Islam in Bangladesh.

I am sure suicide bombing or terrorism of any kind is not permitted in Islam. The religious leaders should play their due role in getting this message across.

Md. Yousuf Alam Masud, IIUC

* * *

We achieved our independence at a great cost. After 34 years of our liberation, the country is again floating on a stream of blood. The suicide squads of JMB have made our lives miserable. We are passing our days amid great uncertainty. JMB is a threat to our existence.

We expect that people of all classes will come forward to solve the problem. But we see that the political leaders of our country are doing nothing, except blaming each other for the ongoing crisis. That is really disappointing.

Bahni Barua, Islamic University, Chittagong

* * *

We are facing serious problems. People feel insecure as terrorists are operating in different parts of the country.

The law enforcers are trying to catch the criminals, but the situation is still very tense; nobody knows who will be the next target of violence.

The government should intensify its efforts to contain terrorism.

Farid Ahmed, IIUC