Vol. 5 Num 574 Fri. January 06, 2006  

A potential asset to our music industry

His story can inspire every Bangladeshi youth to dream big. Mijan Mahmud Razib, originally from Jamalpur district and a student of the Institute of Fine Arts, has become famous overnight as the first runner up of the most talked about talent hunt of recent times, Closeup 1-- Tomakei Khujchhe Bangladesh. Razib received an impressive 49 points out of 50 from the three judges of Closeup 1, Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul, Kumar Bishawjit and Samina Chowdhury and a whopping total of 3,13,946 votes from the TV audience. As the 1st runner-up, he received a cheque of TK 5 lakh and a LCD television set.

According to Razib, "Music is my 'soul-food'. My passion for music started at a very young age. I started taking guitar lessons when I was 13. All this time while I was trying to turn my dream into reality, my family and friends have inspired me go further."

Though Razib may not have won the prestigious title of Closeup 1, lots of interesting things have happened to the 22-year-old singer. He is all set to make an impression in the Bangladesh film industry. He is about to record his first playback song for the movie Shampanwala, directed by Motiur Rahman Panu.

Asking about the changes in his lifestyle after the Closeup 1 phenomenon, Razib says, "The event has drastically changed my life. Initially, it was very difficult for me to adjust, but now I am getting used to it. Life in Jamalpur was very simple.

But I have gone through changes in the last few months, especially in terms of my attitude. Some things will never change though, such as my love for my hometown, Jamalpur."

On gaining mass-popularity, he says, "I worked a lot to prepare myself to deliver a commendable performance in the original compositions round. During my journey in Closeup1, the toughest job for me was singing Aj Sharta Din Ki Korley composed by Fuad Naser Babu. As a newcome, I had little experience in singing original tunes. I want to work more on my shortcomings as a singer."

Talking about his hopes, aspirations and future plans, Razib says, "People do have great expectations from me, I'm aware of that. However, I have to learn more about the music industry and how to deal with it. I want to give people good songs that they can hum, just like the songs I grew up humming by legendary artistes. I want to focus on playback singing right now. If all is well and I get a good response, I may work on solo albums in the future.

"One thing I am certain about is that I want to work with well-reputed musicians who can bring out the best in me as a singer."