Vol. 5 Num 590 Wed. January 25, 2006  
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Hasina accuses govt of faking attempt to nab militants

Opposition Leader Sheikh Hasina has said while the Islamist militants don't get killed in crossfire, the snatchers are not being spared from such killing.

Hasina, also the president of the Awami League (AL), accused the ministers and BNP lawmakers of patronising the militants and said the government is staging drama in the name of apprehending them.

She was speaking at the Dhanmondi Community Centre yesterday prior to the countrywide organisational tour programme of Jubo League, a front organisation of the AL. AL Joint General Secretary Obaidul Kader, Jubo League President Jahangir Kabir Nanak and General Secretary Mirza Azam, among others, were present.

"The alliance government had looted crores of taka after assuming power and now they want to cling on to power by rigging poll, alleged the AL president.

She urged the countrymen to get united against the 'failed' government and the patrons of the Islamist militants.

Family members of Khaleda Zia, ministers and MPs are setting up TV channels with the money they had looted, she alleged.

Accounts of their looted money must be revealed, she said, adding: "The assets they have amassed after coming to power must be disclosed."

The alliance government always wants to create a panicky situation for the people, she said, adding that people must have to get rid of this 'killer' government.

After the appointment of the election commissioners, the government is now politicising the voter roll, she alleged, saying that they have already looted Tk 164 crore from the fresh voter listing project.

Following the speech of the opposition leader, the Jubo League representatives discussed different aspects of their tour programmes.