Vol. 5 Num 591 Thu. January 26, 2006  
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Hili land port closed after BDR-BSF gunfight

Import and export activities through the Hili land port in Dinajpur were closed last evening in the wake of a shootout between the border guards of Bangladesh and India.

The gunfight ensued as a member of Indian Border Security Force (BSF) chased an alleged drug peddler into Bangladesh around 5:30pm, reports our Bogra correspondent.

Sources said the BSF guard entered some 350 yards inside Bangladesh in Nandipur village, chasing Sadek Chandi, 38, who was carrying a bag of 'phensidyle'.

Witnesses said Sadek took refuge at the house of Habib, but the BSF man chased him down and started beating up him.

As the villagers attacked the Indian border guard, he fired two gunshots and fled back to India.

Hearing the gunshots, members of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) fired four rounds in the air.

The BSF man, reinforced with about 12 colleagues, opened fire on the BDR men, who countered the attack from their post.

The BDR authorities admitted the gunfight on the border, reports our Dinajpur correspondent.

A tense situation is prevailing in the surrounding areas and panic-gripped villagers have left their houses fearing further clash.

The cross-border traffic and trade were closed immediately after the shooting.