Vol. 5 Num 591 Thu. January 26, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Preparing voter list

It is necessary to have an accurate voter list for fair election. A list of voters can be prepared either by revising the existing list or by making a new list. In either case correct information on the status of the voters in any area will be required.

Correction of the voters may be carried out as follows.

1. Voters who do not live now in that area must be deleted.

2. Voters who died or are mentally deranged should be eliminated from the list.

3. Voters who have reached 18 years of age have to be added.

4. Voters who arrived in that area must be included in the list.

In any case, the correction of the list is to be made according to the changed circumstances to ensure a proper voter list. The only way to ensure the information is to collect necessary data from door to door survey of the voters by filling in the form for this purpose. This survey will be essential either to correct the existing list or to make a new list. In fact, a new voter list will be required after necessary correction based on the door to door survey.

So the preparation of the voter list can continue in this way. The process may be computerised as much as possible to avoid error.

Every voter will have sufficient time to correct the list and add to or subtract anything from the list in due course of time. So the apprehension that there may be partisan entry can be eliminated.

I think the on-going hue and cry on preparation of the list is unnecessary.