Vol. 5 Num 592 Fri. January 27, 2006  
In Memoriam

In Memoriam
Why has justice not been served?

There are two questions that the nation deserves answers to. One, why must a man like Shah AMS Kibria be killed in Bangladeshi politics of today, and second, why gave his killers not been punished even a year after his assassination?

Kibria's killing is not merely a death of a politician (which is bad enough), but also that of a statesman, a globally respected international civil servant, a patriot, and above all, a good human being. In the midst of violence and confrontational politics, his was a voice of reason. When mutual vilification was made the order of the day his voice was one of understanding and working together. Most importantly, when corruption appears to have touched nearly all those who have been in power, Kibria remains a singular exception.

It is not only a national shame, but also a statement on the nature and state of our politics, that his murder remains unsolved till today. Assassinations per se do not make a country or a people look bad. But when very little is done to track down the real murderers and when the government shows inordinate delay in taking the necessary steps to apprehend the criminals, then obviously serious questions as to the sincerity and intention of the investigation comes into question (see story on page 1).

Kibria's murder is a blot on the nation's conscience and the whole nation must raise the demand, as it has done, for the trial of his killers.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of his death, we express our deepest respect for Kibria's contribution to our nation building and to the role he played in the international arena. We demand justice and the trial of the killers and those who masterminded the assassination.