Vol. 5 Num 594 Sun. January 29, 2006  

Three writers receive Prothom Alo Best Book awards

Prof Jatin Sarker, Dr Syed Manzoorul Islam and Haider Akbar Khan Rono received the 'Prothom Alo Best Book of the Year 1411' award yesterday.

Prof Jatin won the award for his book titled 'Pakistaner Janmo Mrityu-Darshan', Manzoorul Islam for 'Prem O Prarthonar Golpo' and Akbar Khan Rono for 'Shatabdi Perie'.

Prof Zillur Rahman Siddique gave away the awards, which carries Tk 50,000, a certificate and a crest, to the winners at a ceremony organised by the daily Prothom Alo at a city hotel.

The Prothom Alo introduced the award last year of Bangla calendar for creative books of Bangladeshi writers.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof Zillur Rahman lauded the Prothom Alo for taking such an initiative, saying that the award will inspire the young writers.

There are a very few literary magazines in the country, he said, but the national dailies are trying to fill the gap.

On his award-winning book, Prof Jatin Sarker said his own experiences have been reflected in the book.

"I usually write about villages and the grassroots people, their happiness and sorrow," he said.

Rono, a leader of the Workers' Party of Bangladesh, said, "I have objectively portrayed in the book what I have seen during my lifetime."

Manzoorul Islam said, "Eminent writer Abdul Mannan has praised my book and that is my great achievement."

Poet and novelist Bashir Al Helal, Abdul Mannan Syed and Mohammad Rafiq and Prothom Alo Joint Editor Abdul Quayum and Assistant Editor Sazzad Sharif also spoke.

Winners of the Prothom Alo Best Book award -- Dr Syed Manzoorul Islam, left, Prof Jatin Sarker, second from right, and Haider Akbar Khan Rono, right, -- pose for photograph with Prof Zillur Rahman Siddique, second from left, at the award giving ceremony at a city hotel yesterday. PHOTO: STAR