Vol. 5 Num 602 Mon. February 06, 2006  

Frustrating for nat'l cricketers

While top cricketers of the country get ready for international action after a four-month gap, the fact that bothered many was that most of them failed to impress during the domestic season.

Although there is a gulf of difference between domestic and international standards, any notable performance at any level can only do one thing: give one a boost ahead of a tough task. Also, top international cricketers are expected to show their class at domestic level, which was not the case in the recently concluded Premier Cricket League.

Much to the disappointment, there were only three national players in the top ten batsmen's list and all of them found their places at the bottom.

The top-ten bowling list also has three from the national squad but Abdur Razzak being on top saved a few blushes.

A non-regular in the national team, left-arm spinner Razzak bagged highest 40 wickets, having played all 16 games for champions Old DOHS. Senior spinner Mohammed Rafique and his fellow Sonargaon Cricketers paceman Tapash Baisya are in the middle of the table with 27 victims each.

As usual, the best three batsmen were foreigners with Steve Tikolo leading the table. The Kenyan ace, a regular face in the local scene as well as a consistent performer, produced 867 runs including nine half-centuries in his 16 matches for DOHS. He was followed by Brothers Union's Pakistani recruit Rashed Hanif (696 runs) and Mohammedan's Indian player Sandeep Sharma (615).

Tikolo was well supported by DOHS captain Akram Khan (532 runs) and Manjarul Islam, the national all-rounder who notched 485 runs.

Biman's national opener Javed Omar got into the list after scoring a hundred and 85 in the last two matches, finishing with 509 runs while star batsman Mohammad Ashraful, the Sonargaon skipper, finished ten with 481 runs.

Jaffar Quraishi was the only player to write his name on both tables, the Pakistani all-rounder finishing with 530 runs and 32 wickets.

The top local batsman was Al Shahriar, who smashed six fifties to aggregate 562 runs. However, it was unfortunate for the former international to regain a national call despite his late flurry.

Top 10 batsmen: Steve Tikolo (867 runs, DOHS), Rashed Hanif (696, Brothers), Sandeep Sharma (615, Mohammedan), Al Shahriar (562, Sonargaon), Nasiruddin Faruque (539, Victoria), Akram Khan (532, DOHS), Jaffar Quraishi (530, Victoria), Javed Omar (509, Biman), Manjarul Islam (485, DOHS) and Mohammad Ashraful (481, Sonargaon).

Top 10 bowlers: Abdur Razzak (40 wickets, DOHS), Jaffar Quraishi, 32, Victoria), Mosharraf Hossain (28, Biman), Waskurni Palash (28, Victoria), Mohammed Rafique (27, Sonargaon), Tapash Baisya (27, Sonargaon), Arafat Sunny (24, Brothers), Mohammed Sharif (24, Brothers), Mahbubul Alam (23, Sonargaon) and Sabbir Khan (21, Mohammedan).