Vol. 5 Num 627 Sat. March 04, 2006  
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26 arrested in Gaibandha linked to Allahr Dal

Most of the 26 arrested militants of outlawed Jama'atul Mujahideen of Bangladesh (JMB) have links with Allahr Dal, police interrogating the arrestees said yesterday.

A magistrate's court on March 2 remanded them for seven days each after Rapid Action Battalion and police arrested them at Uttar Dhangharah in Gaibandha the previous day.

The arrestees told the police the owner of the house where they were holding a meeting before arrest, Saidur Rahman, is their leader, who arranged regular meetings with Allahr Dal.

"We don't believe in democracy, it is almost like blasphemy. We want to establish Islamic rule in the country," said Saidur Rahman during interrogation.

Most of the arrestees cannot read or write Arabic and were being taught Quranic verses in Bangla version, the police said.

A local teacher speaking anonymously said unknown people used to hold daylong meetings at the house. But neighbours were not invited and outsiders were not allowed to take part.

"Being a public representative, even I could not realise something fishy was going on here as they conducted their activities very secretly," said Mozammel Huq, chairman of Ballamjhar Union Parishad.

Saidur Rahman claimed they were conducting research work on the Quran with Allahr Dal leaders Matin Mehdi, Rafiqul Islam and Rawnakul Islam Khushi.

Police are hunting for Rafiqul and Mehdi of Bridge Road of Gaibandha. The two launched the activities of Allahr Dal at Hashem Bazar three years ago and Mehdi later joined the JMB.

A court in Jhenidah on February 28 sentenced 21 JMB militants including Allahr Dal leaders Mehdi and Abu Taleb Ansari alias Babul Ansari to death in a bomb blast case.