Vol. 5 Num 628 Sun. March 05, 2006  

Film Award '05 held amidst glitz and glamour

AN open-air award giving ceremony for Bangaldeshi cinema organised by Concord Entertainment Company Ltd was held at Fantasy Kingdom, Ashulia on March 3.

The event pulled in a number of major Bangladeshi moviestars and cultural personalities. The glitzy and glamorous event entertained Bangladeshi movie fans with Dhallywood style dances and action packed performances. The event acknowledged excellence in the Bangladeshi film industry and honour artists and movies in 16 categories in various categories.

The award for the Best Film went to Shasti. Kohinoor Akhter Shuchanda received the Best Director Award for Hajaar Bochhor Dhorey. Shakib Khan and Riaz jointly won the award for Best Actor for their roles in Shubha and Hajaar Bochhor Dhorey. The award for Best Actress went to Purnima for her role in Shasti. Nurul Alam and Imon Shaha jointly received the award for Best Music Director for their work in Shasti. Subir Nandi won the Best Male Singer Award and Anupoma Mukti won the award for Best female Singer. Momotaz Uddin Ahmed was awarded as the Best Playwright. Veteran actor Ahmed Sharif received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Bangladeshi cinema.

At the event, chairman of the jury board and eminent director, Chashi Nazrul Islam said, "Films are reflections of lives. Cinema is not only a source of momentary pleasure. It should be a document of our life style, ethos, stories of success and failure.


Eminent playwright Professor Momotaz Uddin Ahmed said in his speech, "Over the last few years, our film industry saw a degenerating phase. Obscenity and vulgarity has engulfed most of our films. Even the titles of the films attest to the decadence prevalent in the film industry. The vulgar practices should be stopped immediately and measures should taken to establish our film industry as a viable and profitable one."

The chief guest of the event, Aminul Huque, who played one of the central characters in the first motion picture (talkie) made in our country -- Mukh O Mukhosh, also attended the event.

The show started with a performance by popular singer Momotaz. The artiste presented energetic renditions of two of her superhit numbers.

This event will be aired soon on Stv.

(L-R) Professor Momotaz Uddin Ahmed, Aminul Huque, Ahmed Sharif and Chashi Nazrul Islam (extreme right) at the award ceremony