Vol. 5 Num 630 Tue. March 07, 2006  
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PM claims success in ending terrorism

Claiming her government's success in eliminating terrorism, Prime Minister Khaleda Zia has said there is no room for terrorists in the country.

As the law-enforcers arrested Bangla Bhai, one of the two most-wanted militant kingpins, she further observed that many developed countries of the world couldn't do what Bangladesh could in taming the terrorists.

Addressing a public meeting at Fatullah Osmany Cricket Outer Stadium yesterday, the prime minister said her government has fulfilled pre-election commitments one after another. And the first commitment was to remove terrorism from the country, which was engulfed by the menace for patronage and cooperation of the previous regime (indicating the past Awami League government).

Khaleda, also chairperson of the ruling BNP, said the people of Bangladesh voted the BNP-led alliance to power in 2001 general elections 'to get rid of the reign of terror of the previous government'.

After assuming power, the coalition government took various steps, including 'operation clean heart' and the formation of Rab, to free the country from terrorism. And the government succeeded, she told her audience.

She criticised the main opposition Awami League for not arresting and trying any bombers for bomb blasts that began during its rule.

"We have captured bombers and terrorists," Khaleda told her audience amidst claps and mentioned the arrest of main 'bomb terrorist' few days ago and another 'top terrorist' yesterday.

The prime minister alleged the opposition and the previous government was in favour of terrorism while BNP is against terrorism.

Chaired over by local MP Mohammad Giasuddin, the meeting was also addressed by Commerce Minister Altaf Hossain Chowdhury, Prime Minister's Political Secretary Harris Chowdhury, State Minister for Liberation War Affairs Rezaul Karim, Ataur Rahman Angur MP, Abu Salam MP, Begum Shamsun Nahar Khwaja Ahsanullah MP and Nganj BNP General Secretary Taimur Alam Khandakar.

Khaleda urged people to vote for the BNP-led alliance in the next general elections to maintain the pace of development to make Bangladesh a self-reliant country.

"When Bangladesh is praised both at home and abroad for its march forward, the opposition is displeased and trying to launch a movement without any issue to topple an elected government," she told the meeting.

Taking a swipe at the opposition for conspiring to block the country's ongoing development and the inflow of foreign investment, she criticised Awami League for abstaining from parliament for years enjoying all facilities and privileges. "Boycotting parliament, they were involved in politics of hartal, arson and chaos to destroy public property."

Referring to 'clean heart operation', she said the opposition had opposed it as their terrorists and godfathers had to flee the country in the face of the crackdown. "When all are happy with Rab and their activities, the opposition is displeased," Khaleda said.