Vol. 5 Num 652 Wed. March 29, 2006  

Blatter declares war against G14

FIFA president Sepp Blatter warned Europe's elite soccer teams to prepare for "world war" if it persists in opposing the sport's governing body.

G-14, a group of major European clubs, is trying to gain greater influence. Blatter criticised the clubs for seeking compensation when players are injured while playing for their national teams.

"If they are rich, why do they ask for more money?" Blatter said during a visit to Tunisia. "It's the world upside down."

Blatter also accused G-14 clubs of "pillaging" Africa to find new players.

"If they want a world war, they will get one," Blatter said Monday.

Blatter also warned that clubs that refuse to release players for their national teams could be kicked out of international club competitions.

"You have to got to hit them where it hurts," Blatter said.

Blatter also said that under new rules a player guilty of racist conduct would be banned for five games. The clubs of fans who show an "incomprehensible and nasty attitude" will be docked three points for a first racist offense, six points for a second and relegation to the division below if they offend a third time. Blatter said clubs that fail to enforce these rules won't play in international competitions.