Vol. 5 Num 652 Wed. March 29, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Uncertainty in politics

The AL and its left leaning allies have been demanding reform to caretaker govt. and the Election Commission. According to them, No fair and free election would be possible under the present system. On the other hand, the BNP run government stated that if they (AL) really wanted any reform, they had to table their proposal before parliament.

On February 2, the AL placed its much-talked about 31 point demand or reform proposals before parliament. In the last session of parliament, the PM assured the opposition that they would form a committee where members would be selected from both the BNP and the AL and they would discuss the issue. But the PM did not clarify in her speech when and where the meeting would be held. There is mounting tension, confusion, and uncertainty in the political arena. Anyway, the earlier the government takes the decision and comes forward to solve this problem, the better it will be for a free and fair election that people and the civil society are looking forward to.

* * *

"I hope after the elections, no matter who comes to power the political parties would be able to reduce their differences and work-together because the challenges before Bangladesh are enormous," said the Commonwealth Secretary General during his visit to Bangladesh.

Now it is a question to the politicians of Bangladesh: Have you realised the importance of working together to build the nation?

Balanam Roy Sumon, Lalmatia, Dhaka