Vol. 5 Num 652 Wed. March 29, 2006  
Letters to Editor

A sporting Rajin Saleh
Yet another achievement!

Three cheers for the wonder boy Rajin Saleh! No, it is not for any of his superb performances in the recently concluded series against Sri Lanka or in the ongoing series against Kenya. His performance these days are pretty ordinary. Consequently, he is regularly on and off the field. But what amazed me, like many others, were his sportsmanship and his image of an honest cricketer. Yes, I am talking about his true sportsman like gesture in the field during the third one dayer against Kenya when he came to the field as a substitute player. 'It is a tremendous catch' that was what the TV commentators said, but when Rajin Saleh got up from the field he himself signalled that it was 'not out'. Bangladesh team was almost celebrating and everybody took it as a surprise. I had the opportunity to watch the TV replays and, as commentators mentioned, it was very difficult to discard the appeal of the rest of the team. But Rajin Saleh was adamant and the batsman survived. This is a very rare site in cricket these days. "He could easily say he did not know what happened and the third umpire would have real difficulties to say 'no' to the appeal for out", the commentators said. Rajin by his commendable gesture proved once again the old proverb that cricket is a gentleman's game.

It reminds me of the incident where the so-called 'honest' Pakistani cricketer Rashid Latif picked up the ball from the ground and made a strong appeal for caught behind against a Bangladeshi batsman and the umpire at the other end obliged. But the TV replay showed a different picture and Mr. Latif got duly punished, thanks to the ICC. Rajin Saleh, my son, keep up the spirit. You are an excellent example in the society where social values are gradually decaying. One day you may decide to quit cricket to pursue other priorities of life, but I am sure, your honest and wonderful gesture would ever be remembered by the cricket loving people of Bangladesh.


Having batted with tremendous passion and determination, the Tigers outwitted the visitors in every department of the game. Having set an almost unassailable target of 302 in 50 over, the Tigers never looked off the course of winning, and drove home a creditable victory. I heartily congratulate the Tigers on having crossed the 300 mark for the first time in an ODI.

I would also like to add that Bangladesh should frequently play sides like Kenya and get used to winning, rather than always play and lose to top teams and get disheartened. Overall, thumbs up to the BCB--keep it up in the future.

Mohammed Fahim Hara, Universal Tutorial, Dhaka


Bangladesh cricket team showed an outstanding performance against Kenya crushing them 4-0, which is also a sweet revenge for their past defeats. This achievement will inspire the Tigers to do better in future. As a Test-playing nation, Bangladesh team was severely blasted by some quarters that they couldn't play competitive cricket in the international arena. But the recent performances against Sri Lanka and Kenya gave the critics the right answer.

Bangladesh outplayed Kenya in all the matches and completed the series in grand style. The boys performed well in all departments including batting, bowling and fielding. There was a century by Razin Saleh, first five-wicket haul by Rafique, consistent batting by Sharier Nafees and many other positive results from this series.

I would like to congratulate Bangladesh cricket team on their great success and hope that they will continue this dazzling performance in future.

Mohammad Abdullah-Al-Mamun, University of Dhaka