Vol. 5 Num 652 Wed. March 29, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Afghan Abdur Rahman

Recently, in Afghanistan a man named Abdur Rahman was tried in court.

His fault was that he converted to Christianity. If he is found guilty, he may be executed. I am curious about how my fellow Muslims are going to react to it. Are they going to come down to streets in protest for saving this poor man's life? Can it be considered outrageous that in a Muslim country, a Muslim cannot convert to any other religion without fear of reprisal ? We keep on saying that Islam is a religion of peace but when it comes to show the attributes of true peacefulness in voicing different opinions, our true identity is exposed.

I would like to see the same outrage as the blasphemous cartoon generated on this occasion also. Anyone in a civil society can choose whatever religion one wishes to. It cannot be one-way street for Muslims and two for others. It is hypocrisy to say Islam is a religion of peace and keep quiet when our fellow Muslims are involved in barbaric acts like this. If we want anyone to respect our religion, we need to be an example of a respectable tolerant society. We cannot pretend to be victims all the time. Also those of us who are thinking of establishing Islamic rule think hard as to the people who are going to rule. With this type of mindset we will go back to barbaric ages faster than we can even imagine.

We have to remember that even if the West is bad that does not make us better Muslims unless we can exhibit the acts of goodness at all levels.

Pointing out the evils of the West does not help us progress. True and prosperous civilisations compete with each other, do not clash.