Vol. 5 Num 652 Wed. March 29, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Why this change?

In our childhood days, we used to know our cricket board as BCCB. Interestingly, the name of the board has undergone change twice in the last few years. When our national cricket team started to make a mark in the international cricket, the then board officials changed the name of the board to Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to run the board, in their words, professionally. I wonder whether name has anything to do with professionalism.

Ironically, the name BCB was short lived. With the change in our government, new officials, most of whom had little cricket background, captured the cricket board. They were not amused by the name given by their predecessors and preferred to go back to the old name. However, there is confusion among the sports fraternity since the media uses both the BCCB and BCB.

Interestingly, our board is again planning to have a new name - Cricket Bangladesh, following the footsteps of Cricket Australia. BCCB or BCB, whatever the name may be, definitely owes us an explanation as to why this name change or what good this name change will bring.