Vol. 5 Num 652 Wed. March 29, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Desa and corruption

Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (Desa), though plagued by unbridled corruption, had been enjoying the cash incentive provided to them as bonus by the government for 10 years until 2001(DS report March 24). The reason being this incentive was introduced so that it may help to root out unabated corruption and help Desa to get into systematic billing and alleviate the nagging systems loss. However, the scenario is totally different at Desa. As the saying goes 'You can never change the colour of a coal as much as you wash it.' Desa is no exception to it. The company is taking advantage of the bonus preparing books showing made-up figures of recovering unpaid electricity bills. They even did not hesitate not to bill hundreds of companies for several years and their meter readers also started issuing fictitious bills in order to alleviate systems loss. However, fortunately or unfortunately the scam has been detected recently.

While accepting his inability to contain corruption the chairman of Desa stated that his hands are tied to unionism. Whatever the case may be we strongly recommend that the government take drastic action against the corrupt elements.