Vol. 5 Num 658 Tue. April 04, 2006  

Resignation from Jugantor
Abed Khan clarifies his position

Abed Khan, who recently resigned from the Jugantor as its editor, has given a clarification about his resignation from the daily.

In a letter yesterday, he said, Nurul Islam Babul, the owner of Jugantor, invited him to his residence on March 2 and told him that former editor Golam Sarwar had expressed his willingness to join the daily again.

At this, Abed told Babul that as he has already taken the decision, he (Abed) has no alternative but to resign from the daily.

Then Babul and his wife, the publisher of Jugantor, requested Abed to stay with the Jamuna Group and join the Jamuna Television (JTV) as its executive director.

Abed requested them to give him some time for thinking about the proposal.

"As my contract with the Jugantor expires on April 30, I can get the time up to that period," the letter quoted him as saying to them.

But Babul asked Abed to give his decision within Friday, March 31 as Golam Sarwar wants to join the daily on April 1.

Abed then agreed to March 31 deadline for considering the proposal of joining the JTV.

He also told Babul that he would inform him after discussing with his family.

Accordingly, on Friday night Abed told Babul over telephone that he would consider the proposal if he is given due honour and honorarium suitable for an editor of a national daily to join an electronic media.

In reply, Babul told Abed that he would send Shajahan Sarder to finalise the matter after discussing with him.

Shajahan went to Abed on that night and informed him that Jamuna Group authorities have not accepted his proposal on joining the JTV.

Shajahan also told Abed that if he resigns from the post of the editor he will be given all dues, otherwise unwanted administrative complexities might arise.

Abed Khan said to Shajahan, "As I do not want to be an obstacle to the Jugantor, I will send my resignation letter as well as the car provided to me within 9:00am tomorrow."

"That is the real picture of my resignation," said Abed in his letter, adding, "I think the post of editor of a national daily is very honourable and he is to act as a representative of the fourth pillar of the state."

If the person who holds such position is defeated by any interest or pressure then the entire institution would collapse, he said.

" I have tried my best with my little strength and ability to preserve the dignity of the post of an editor from being disgraced or dishonoured," added Abed.