Vol. 5 Num 661 Fri. April 07, 2006  

Na Bolona: A quintessential love triangle

Film producer turned director Didarul Alam Badal has been much in the news. He has directed a new film Na Bolona. Mohammed Rafiquzzaman is the scriptwriter of the film. Labeled as an out-and-out commercial film, the premier show of the movie was held at the Balaka cinema hall on April 5. The movie will be released today in Dhaka, Narayanganj and Savar.

Na Bolona revolves around three sprightly youngsters, played by Riaz, Shimla and Shoma. The film is replete with romance, display of emotions, melodious songs and the whole nine yards manifested in a typical mainstream movie. The storyline: Two college friends, Shanchita (Shoma) and Kobita (Shimla) live in Dhaka with their families. They are best of friends. The story takes a turn when one day, Shanchita's father tell her that he wants her to get married to his friend's son Antor (Riaz) who lives in Kolkata.

To keep in touch Shanchita and Antor start corresponding with each other through letters. However, Shanchita for some unexplainable reason, implores her best friend Kobita to write the letters on her behalf. Eventually Antor decides to come to Dhaka for a visit to see his wife-to-be. When the three meet up, Antor finds our that he had been corresponding with Kobita and realises that she is his true love; Kobita reciprocates. Both decide to break this news to Shanchita and their families. Unfortunately circumstances stop them from revealing the truth.

The first half of the film is poorly developed. The relationships are not clearly defined and some dramatic sequences are not aptly acted out. Performances from the two leads played by Shimla and Riaz are the saving grace of the film. Shimla's expressions and histrionics are authentic. Riaz is credible in his role as a perturbed lover. Shoma's performance gradually improves in the second half. The cinematography and camerawork by Mahfuzur Rahman Khan is impressive. The scenes shot in Chittagong and Cox's Bazar are riveting. Music by Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul complements the film.

Riaz and Shimla in a romantic scene